Light therapy or phototherapy is a procedure against fatigue, stress and mood drop using full spectre light that is similar to natural daylight.

Lack of light influences children and adults resulting in health problems such as fatigue, frustration, stress, depression and over sensitiveness. It is recommended to use SAD (seasonal affective disorder) light therapy as an effective solution, as the therapy influences the organism’s biological 24-hour rhythm and regulates the level of the good mood hormone serotonin to improve mood.
Light therapy influences people with depression or bipolar disorders positively as it helps alleviate increased symptoms during the darker periods of the year.

We recommend light therapy:

  • Against fatigue and lack of energy
  • To reduce stress and depression
  • To improve mood and increase motivation
  • As relief against eating disorders (increased desire for sweets, bulimia etc.)
  • For combating increased body weight
  • To activate metabolism
  • As a cure for sleeping disorders
  • In case of menstruation cycle disorders

The procedure at the Christinas Clinic:

The light therapy treatment takes place in a comfortable room with special lighting. The room is unique throughout the world. The procedure involves using light to influence the brain’s chemistry to reduce fatigue, irritation and stress. The effect of therapy is improved by keeping one’s eyes open during the light therapy, but it is not permitted to look directly at the bright light.

Depending on the aim, colour therapy is an important part of the procedure. Colour therapy encourages the achievement of a person’s physical, emotional and psychic balance and augments the organism’s inner energy sources.