Preoperative consultations generally take place from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. There are no consultations on weekends.

Yes, you can also come earlier, but there could be a maximum of 6 months between the consultation and the surgery.

In our clinic, consultations are personal and your partner can wait in the waiting room, however, if the partner wishes to take part in the consultation, the partner’s consultation fee of € 50 would be added.

The initial consultation will be performed in our clinic by a surgical assistant, who will take your medical history and order the appropriate examinations. You will also be thoroughly informed about the technical capabilities of the surgery and given the pre- and post-surgery instructions. If necessary, you will meet with a surgeon and an anaesthesiologist before the surgery, if nothing extraordinary emerges, you will meet the doctors on the day of the surgery.

At least 4 months must have passed since ending breastfeeding before you can come for a consultation.

Payment for the surgery is made in two parts: firstly, the 500 € of booking fee must be paid and secondly, the remaining amount must be paid four working days before the surgery. Invoices will be sent to you by e-mail.

Unfortunately, we cannot, as we do not cooperate with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Yes, we offer gift cards. You can buy a gift card for a suitable amount from our clinic. At the clinic the payment can only be done in cash, no card payment possible. The gift card is valid for 1 year and is nominal.

We perform 3D simulation only for nose and jaw plastic surgery.

There is no obligation to replace implants. The factory warranty for implant breakage is 10 years, the insurance covering encapsulation and reversal cases is automatically valid for 1 year and can be extended by you according to the selected package.

Consultations and follow-up visits take place in the Helsinki Clinic, surgeries take place only in Tallinn.

If suitable, you can have the procedure performed after the consultation. If the consultation is on the same day as the procedure, you only pay for the procedure, the consultation is free of charge.

You can park on the city streets, the nearest to us is Tatari Street, which runs through under our building. Zone is city center.

The price includes hospital stay, primary bra, antibiotics, wound gel, primary dressing, and follow-up visits. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Additional costs are for blood tests (from 55 €), test for respiratory infectious diseases on the day of surgery (€15) and pre-operative examination (ultrasound of the breasts / mammography).

If suitable, you can have the procedure performed after the consultation. If the consultation is on the same day as the procedure, you only pay for the procedure, the consultation is free of charge.

The clinic itself does not offer payment by instalments, you can contact our partners, who are LHV, MediCredit, ESTO and HOLM. You can make the requests of payment by instalments on the websites of suitable instalment providers and then decide which provider´s solutions are best for you. You can find the links to the instalment requests at the end of the price list on our website.

You can give blood for tests in our clinic (Pärnu mnt 67a, 6th floor) from Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; no need to book in advance. Blood tests can be paid for on site in cash or by card.

We will send you the exact instructions on what time you need to arrive to the hospital and till what time you are allowed to eat and drink on the previous working day of the surgery once the surgery schedule is approved.

Include only personal hygiene items (hairbrush, toothbrush). Clothes, shoes, and other necessities for the hospital stay will be provided by the hospital. It is forbidden to bring your own food and drinks to the hospital, meals are provided entirely by the hospital. When you come to the hospital, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes that can be opened from front and light-fitting shoes.

Artificial gel nails / gel polish / polish may be used, but the pink part of the nail plate must be visible, so have a French manicure done or use a clear polish (preferably on the index finger or middle finger). The nails could also be relatively short so that the sensor reaches the finger properly.

The laser procedure cannot be performed on tanned skin and after the procedure it is not allowed to sunbathe until the skin has healed.

Before being admitted to the surgical unit, on the day of the operation, a combination test for respiratory viral infectious diseases must be passed. It is performed at the hospital and costs €15.

You will stay in the hospital for one night, depending on how you feel. You can leave in the morning after bandage changing and receiving follow-up instructions. The patients are usually ready to leave between 10 and 11 a.m.

You can go to the sauna and the pool when all the crusts have been completely removed and the wounds have healed (scarred). We recommend covering the scars in the sauna with a towel for heat protection. The scars must be protected from the sun while they are still red, so that they would not pigment, so for at least one year.

You must inform the surgeon during the pre-surgery consultation on the day of the surgery if you wish to have a sick-leave. The employer sees the sick-leave after it is ended.

You get a post-surgery bra from our clinic after the surgery. We recommend Shock Absorber sports bras to our patients, they are available in Zalando. You can also check out the sports bras on https://www.zalando.ee/shock-absorber/.

You can carefully start lifting your arms over your head and sleeping on your side from the 4th day after the surgery. Sleeping on your stomach is prohibited for three months. A car can be driven and weights can be lifted two weeks after the surgery.

You can buy Science of Skin (SOS) scar cream from our clinic, you can find more information about it on our website and you can buy it in our e-shop.

It is recommended to have an ultrasound examination once every 2 years. This can be performed, for example, at https://kohuvalukliinik.ee/ or https://mammograaf.ee/.

When registering implants, you need two numbers from the implant passport. The first is the SN number, which is 12345678-90, and the second number / letter to use from this sticker is the single number or letter printed in bold on the right. The rest of the information, which is needed when filling in the forms, is written on the other side of the card.

The sports bra must be chosen with the right circumference and the right cup size so that the bra provides sufficient support for the recovery period. When choosing a sports bra, keep in mind that the bottom of the bra should be directly under the breasts, the shoulder straps should be wide and adjustable, and the cup should be made of even fabric. Strong padding, a hard cup and push-up bras are not allowed. Detailed instructions on the appropriate sports bra will be given to you after the surgery.

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