Filling the jaw line with filling injections is suitable for both women and men who do not have specific contours on the face or whose jaw line has become “heavy” (sunk down) due to the aging process.

The filling injections are preferred as the recovery from the procedure is rapid and there are fewer possible complications, and the procedure does not require surgery. The amount of substance in one procedure is 3 ml, with which significant results can be achieved.


  • The result is long-lasting and last from 1.5 to 2 years.
  • The jaw line correction procedure is a good way to correct the silhouette of the face if surgical intervention is not possible for some reason.
  • The approach to each patient is individual, it all depends on the patient’s desired outcome and the anatomy of the face. During the consultation, the most effective solutions are recommended and selected.
  • Helps to harmonize all facial volumes very well.