Turbinate resection or the operation of nasal conchae could be considered if there is difficulty in breathing, nasal congestion, loss of the sense of smell, chronic rhinitis. When air does not move in the nose and in the sinuses, the mucosa starts to proliferate, causing inflammation. The enlargement of nasal conchae is one of the most common causes of nasal congestion.

The purpose of nasal conchae surgery is to improve nasal breathing.

During the operation of the nasal conchae, the following could be carried out:

  • partial removal of inferior or middle nasal concha
  • burning the nasal mucosa
  • removal of thickened bone from the inferior nasal concha

The operation in Christinas Clinic:

The operation of the nasal conchae is performed under general anaesthesia and is carried out by the ENT surgeon. Bleeding may occur shortly after the surgery of the nasal conchae.