The new generation device is based on a technique developed by Dr. Keller M. Miller; the device allows the implant to be inserted into the body without contact with the patient’s skin or the surgeon’s gloves. The “no-touch” system creates a completely sterile environment and prevents bacteria from getting on the surface of the shell. The device also reduces the risk of systemic reactions of the body to the implants, since many cases are due to the growth of the morbid capsule caused by bacterial collections and the body’s reactions to it. The new generation approach further reduces the occurrence risk of capsules, seromas, and infections, and allows the surgeon to make shorter incisions.

Key benefits for the patient:

  • faster healing;
  • shorter incisions and scars;
  • increased sterility and safety.

The innovative technique is also a great help for the surgeon, allowing the implant to be inserted into the body more conveniently and faster.

We also recommend exploring the new system during the consultation.

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