nipple reduction

Nipple reduction helps to reduce overly large or wide nipples and correct uneven shapes.

The ideal diameter of a nipple is considered to be 6-10 mm. Asymmetry or other anomalies can be congenital, but nipple enlargement as well as other unwanted changes may also appear during puberty, breast-feeding or traumas.

The reason this surgery is usually chosen are mainly cosmetic or stem from the discomfort while wearing clothes.

Surgery at Christinas Clinic

The most commonly requested surgeries are nipple length reduction and nipple width reduction.

1) Reduction of overprojecting nipples

The incisions around the nipple are made 8 mm down from the top. The lower part of the nipple is removed and the upper part attached to the body with sutures. The lactiferous ducts are left intact.

2) Reduction of overly wide nipples

During the surgery, two vertical strips of skin are removed from the sides of the nipple and the remaining skin is closed with sutures. The aim is to achieve the ideal diameter of 8 mm while leaving the lactiferous ducts intact.

The surgery is simple, leaves little scars and has overall excellent results.