thigh lift 

Thigh lift is a surgical procedure which helps to reshape thighs with the removal of excess skin.

Thighs lose their shape with aging and weight changes. Muscle tone can be improved with training, but it is difficult to change skin elasticity, reduce local fat deposits or even out bumpy skin with a healthy lifestyle. Thigh lift is appropriate for patients who have excess skin and fat deposits on the inner and outer thighs.

Surgery Christinas Clinic

Thigh lift is preceded by liposuction.

The size and shape of the incisions of the surgery are individual, depending on patient’s needs. In the case of remodeling the medial thigh, the incision is made in the groin crease. In the case of remodeling the outer thigh, the incision is made from the groin crease anteriorly around to the back. Then excess skin and fatty deposits are removed.  In both cases the scars will be hidden in the area covered by undergarments.