Otoplasty is a surgery that helps to reshape or relocate the ears.

It is advised for patients who have:

  • overly-large ears
  • overly-protruding ears
  • drooping ear lobes
  • unsuccessfully completed previous otoplasty
  • other aesthetical drifts

Otoplasty is done for both adults and kids. In both cases it is necessary for the patient to be in good health, to have no chronic otitis or other medical indications that impair hearing.

Kids are accepted for the surgery after the ears have fully developed. This normally happens after the ages of 6 or 7. It is also necessary that the child is cooperative and does not object to the surgery.

Incisions of otoplasty are mostly made behind the earlobe. Infrequently it is made in the fold of the front part of the lobe. After the incision the ear’s position or shape is changed based on the patient’s needs. The wound is closed with sutures that dissolve in 3-4 weeks. During this time the ears may slightly shift towards their original position.