Benign tumors are noncancerous growths on the body. They are generally not dangerous for health, but may be unaesthetical or cause discomfort because of their location. Removal of benign tumors should be considered in several occasions.

Remove benign tumors if they:

  • become painful
  • become inflammatory
  • secrete unpleasantly smelling fluids
  • grow substantially
  • change their shape or color

At Christinas Clinic all benign tumors are removed surgically. These include:

1) Lipomas

These are new growths under the skin that are mostly:

They are mostly:

  • small
  • movable
  • soft, with elastic consistency
  • do not cause pain
  • grow slowly over a long time period

2) Papillomas

Papillomas are benign tumors of the skin or mucous membrane that are mostly:

  • projecting
  • squamous or with glandular structure
  • may be skin color or pigmented
  • occur in older age
  • grow slowly over a long time period

3) Other benign new growths

  • birthmarks
  • dermatofibromas
  • dermoid cysts
  • keratoacanthoma
  • seborrheic keratosis

At Christinas Clinic removal of benign tumors is performed surgically or with cryotherapy. The removal methodology will be decided during the consultation. In the case of surgical removal, the length of the operation depends on the size, location and nature of the tumor.

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