breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in aesthetic surgery. It is often accompanied by a breast lift which offers an enhanced shape to the enlarged breasts.

Christinas Clinic uses the products of Motiva, which are currently the most innovative and perfected implants in the world. Regarding the latest news on BIA-ALCL cases in the Nordic countries and around the world, we confirm that Motiva breast implants are safe and have not been reported in any BIA-ALCL cases. Motiva implants also offer an extended warranty program.

They can be positioned:

  • in front of the pectoral muscle, but behind the glandular tissue and fascia
  • partially behind the pectoral muscle
  • fully behind the pectoral muscle

The incision for inserting the implants can be made:

  • below the breasts
  • along the areola
  • in the underarm

The technique will be chosen based on Your:

  • build, height and weight
  • size, shape and symmetry of the original breast
  • position of nipple
  • skin elasticity
  • shape and dimensions of chest

No-touch technology – now a new standard for all breast implant surgeries, at no extra cost!

Christinas Clinic conducted a campaign where we used the No-touch system for all breast implant surgeries. The benefits of the system were so evident during the campaign that we decided to make it a new standard for performing breast surgeries. This decision provides our patients with even more advantages for achieving the best results.