Removal of tonsils

Tonsils are paired organs that are located between throat arcs, under the soft palate. For children, tonsils are the first protection against bacteria and viruses, thus it makes them highly prone to inflammation. During infectious diseases and the spread of influenza, streptococcal bacteria, which cause inflammation in the body, are a major problem. Streptococcal inflammation of the throat is not only a disease of the tonsils, but of the whole organism, which may lead to delayed complication like joint diseases, rheumatism, and heart- and kidney damage.

Tonsillectomy is an operation in which inflammatory and enlarged tonsils can be removed. The operation is recommended if the throat inflammation, or angina, is very common and chronic, or there is tonsilsā€™ tissue pus, bleeding of tonsils, breathing difficulties or other tonsilsā€™ diseases.

The operation in Christinas Clinic:

Tonsillectomy lasts for 30-60 minutes and occurs under general anaesthesia. During the operation, inflammatory or enlarged tonsils are removed from between the throat arcs.

After removing the tonsils, the patient may return home the next day. In the case of a toddler operation, the parent can stay in the ward at all times with the child. It is possible for the parent to undergo the operation on the same day with the child to recover together.

The treatment and diagnosis of ear-, nose- and throat diseases is performed by ENT surgeon Dr. Atte Manninen.