injectable gels 

Injectable gels are used to restore the skin’s volume and smooth wrinkles and curves, especially in the face area.

During the aging process, the amount of both water and hyaluronic acid in the body start to diminish. As a result skin tone decreases and wrinkles start to appear. Facial structures and tissues that have lost their volume can be supported with biogels. These contain hyaluronic acid, which is a natural filler substance in the human body, and make the skin fresh and smooth.

Christinas Clinic uses the products of Teosyal. The specific filler and its volume depend on the depth of the wrinkle and area it is located. The available types are as follows:


  • to reshape and redefine lips
  • plump up lips
  • lift corners of the mouth


  • to smooth thin and superficial wrinkles
  • to smooth moderate and deep wrinkles (around lips, corners of the mouth and nose)
  • to improve facial contours

Cheeks and chin:

  • to restore the volume of the cheekbone and jaws
  • to shape the cheekbones and jaws


  • to biologically irrigate the skin for a long term
  • to improve the elasticity