The consultation normally takes place one week before the procedure. The procedure is performed on the same day in some circumstances, but we recommend You take into account a one week waiting time.

The consultation lasts for approximately 15-20 minutes and is carried out by our specialist. If You think You may need more time during the consultation, please let us know when booking the time.

We recommend that You prepare for the consultation by studying the materials on our web page, so we can concentrate on the topics important to You once we meet.

Read the following before the consultation:

  • introduction to the procedures
  • contraindications and possible side effects
  • pre- and post-procedure instructions

You should have an accurate overview (including dates) of Your medical history and prepare questions about the procedure You are interested in.

During the consultation we discuss the technical options of the procedure, Your desires and expectations and try to bring them in line with reality. The specialist looks into Your anamnesis and your physical as well as mental health. The clinic should be notified of all issues concerning Your health and previous surgeries. Also, be prepared to show the area that needs treatment.

The consultation fee for up to 15 minutes for a non-surgical procedure is 30€. Longer than that is 50€.

Christinas Clinic does not perform beauty treatments for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.