FreezPen cryotherapy/cold treatment is a procedure for removing benign neoplasms using liquid nitrogen at -89 ° C.


  • spots caused by skin aging
  • keratosis
  • skin tags
  • molluscs
  • haemangiomas
  • pigmented lesions
  • fibromas
  • birthmarks
  • miliums
  • seborrheic keratosis
  • warts
  • corns/calluses
  • and more

Procedure in Christinas Clinic

FreezPen cryotherapy is performed with a special thin pencil-like device (Freezpen). Both large areas of skin and small skin forms can be treated. When the cold nitrogen is applied to the skin, a necrosis of the benign neoplasms occurs; it mortifies and removes from the skin. Depending on its size and nature, detachment of the formation takes about 4 to 15 days. If necessary, a repeat procedure must be followed.

FreezPen cryotherapy is fast, safe and minimally painful. Children may have an anaesthetic cream applied to the skin before the procedure.