Changing body shape is possible – a 360° Body Lift surgery can help you achieve an alluring hourglass figure


The fat and unsightly hanging skin that has accumulated in the centre can be efficiently removed. Our beauty clinic offers a direct solution.

If a sagging belly after pregnancy or loose skin after losing weight has become a problem, there is a solution – a 360° Body Lift.
Ageing, sun damage, pregnancy, significant weight fluctuations and genetic factors can affect tissue elasticity and result in sagging skin in the abdomen and buttocks areas.
There is a misconception that liposuction helps with belly fat, which is true in certain cases, but then fat is only removed from either the front or the back of the body, while the 360° technique allows the midsection to be thoroughly treated, the circumference to be reduced, and fat deposits to be removed from the entire trunk.
With weight loss, when excess skin occurs, a circular lift can be recommended, which is the only effective way to achieve such a drastic result which allows us to create results, that makes patients feel truly happy and comfortable with their reflection.
With the Body Lift, excess skin can be removed in a way, that even patients with an apple-shaped body (where fat and excess skin accumulates mainly in the midsection) can achieve the desired hourglass figure.

Body lift skin resection

Body lift and liposuction are not procedures only for women. This method will also help men, who have similar fatty tissue accumulation in the midsection. The thickness and exact location of the adipose tissue needs to be pinpointed during the consultation.

The operation is not minor and therefore can only performed in a specialized surgical hospital. The operation is carried out by a surgical team specially trained for this in Switzerland. The team also monitors the patient’s recovery process, providing full support and assistance. 

Liposuction and 360° Body Lift can be performed simultaneously during one surgery. In this case, excess fat is removed from the lower and upper abdomen, sides, lower and upper back, and a comprehensive skin tightening is performed, as a result of which the abdomen and buttocks are also lifted. For the surgery, a circular incision is made in the bikini area, and the scar remains almost invisible. One procedure is enough to achieve a beautiful figure and expressive waist.

The effect is immediate, but it can take up to two years for the final result to develop. During post-surgery recovery, tissue support and scar area support are important. The patient receives detailed instructions at the clinic. The result is lasting, provided you maintain a stable weight.

Attention! This is a healthcare service. Christinas Clinic is licensed by the Health Board, permit L04979 (SA Christinas Clinic).


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