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Liposuction is a surgery during which local fat deposits are removed with the help of a special lipoplasty suction system. The aim is to slim down the body and change its proportions. It is an effective method to achieve a better look with unnoticeable scars, yet long-term results.

It is often performed together with other surgeries such as tummy tuck, breast reduction or breast augmentation.

During one surgery about 0.5-6 litres of fat can be removed. It may simultaneously be performed in a maximum of 12 areas.

Some of these include:

  • upper and lower abdomen
  • inner, outer and front thighs
  • flanks
  • knees
  • calves
  • lower, upper and mid back
  • arms
  • chest
  • neck

Liposuction is suitable for patients who:

  • are in good health
  • have good skin elasticity and muscle tone
  • do not exceed their normal weight by more than 30%

It is not a replacement for training and healthy eating habits. It also does not help to remove cellulite. Following the liposuction, body weight needs to stay stable for the next six months. Weight gain of more than 3-5 kg may cause pit-like skin in the treated areas.

Surgery at Christinas Clinic

Christinas Clinic operates with a new generation lipoplasty suction system Eva SP6 by Euromi S.A (Belgium). To remove fat deposits, it uses a special Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture technique also known as N.I.L.

First saline solution is injected into the treated area to dissolve the fat tissue. In the next phase the emulsified fat is aspirated. For that a cannula with specific “vibrating+rotating” movement is used. The aspiration is gentle, highly selective and therefore reduces bleeding and bruises while giving smooth results.

The effect can be seen slightly after the liposuction surgery, but it takes three to six months for the fat tissue to even out and take new forms. The results are long lasting and give the body permanent new proportions.

360 degree liposuction

Christinas Clinic is the first clinic in Estonia to offer the safe and effective 360 degree lipo.

Operation Info

Before the consultation: prepare for the consultation
consider risks and complications
Before the surgery: follow pre-surgery instructions
After the surgery: follow post-surgery instructions
follow instructions for wound and scar care
Anesthesia:  general anesthesia
Length of surgery:  1-2 hours, depending on the treated areas
Post-surgical kit: supporting underwear
absorbent adhesive dressing for first time
self-adhesive silicone dressing
post-surgical instructions
Cost:   see our price list

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