Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure during which both, varicose veins and spider veins are cured.

Varicose veins are mainly found in the legs, but can appear in other parts of the body. They are caused my congenital weakness of the valves in the superficial saphenous veins. As a result of the disease, circulatory disorders and ulcers can develop. About 20-30% of adults suffer from the disease.

The development of varicose veins can be the result of heavy physical work, obesity, pregnancy and long hours standing (especially on high heels). Pain, swelling, tiredness as well as heaviness in the legs can be symptoms of vascular malformations.

The more the disease progresses, the more invasive techniques should be used in the treatment. If in the starting stage supporting stockings can be efficient, then in the later phase a varicose vein surgery may be needed.

Procedure at Christinas Clinic

During the procedure a sclerosing solution is injected with a needle into the targeted vein. The solution causes the swelling of the vein walls until they stick together and seal shut. As a result the blood flow stops. During a few weeks shrinking of the vein can be seen until it disappears completely. It is important to wear special compression stockings which help to push the blood out of the veins.

Depending on the size of the varicose veins, several injections may be needed. The patient might need several treatments which can be done after two weeks have passed. The number of possible injections depends on the overall health condition of the patient.