buttock implant 

Round buttocks give the body beautiful lines, but shaping the buttocks is not always possible with healthy diet or training. Special buttocks implants are a good alternative to correct body proportions, while giving a natural look.

For more effective results, liposuction or lipofilling in thighs and hips area can be performed in addition to implantation.

Surgery at Christinas Clinic

The implants are placed in the middle part of the buttocks. The 5-6 cm incision is made in between the buttocks to later hide the scars. Implants are then placed in specially created pockets between the muscle fibers. In this way the prosthesis is well supported, fixed and cannot be felt when touching or sitting.

Our buttock implants are the newest generation of cohesive gel prosthesis. Due to the thick consistency, implants do not leak even if the shell breaks and they are not meant to be changed as time passes.