Full facelift is a surgery which tightens sagging face and neck muscles and removes excess skin.

Full facelift is recommended for patients who have:

  • sagging skin on mid face
  • sagging brows and eyelids
  • deep nasolabial folds
  • sagging jowls
  • excess fat tissue under the chin and on the neck

The result of the full facelift surgery depends on the quality of the canvas as well as the patient’s habits and lifestyle. Previous smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs affect skin elasticity. Therefore the results of the surgery may vary from the expected. In the case of healthy life choices and proper care, the results stay for about 10 years.

Surgery at Christinas Clinic

The incision is made inside the hair, about 3-4 cm from the temples. It continues from in front of the ear and moves around the ear lobe to the lower scalp. Then all sagging muscles are tightened and fixed and excess skin is removed. The wounds are closed with 25 cm long absorbable sutures.