prosthetic testicle, testicular implants 

Testicular implants are used to give an empty scrotum a natural look.

A need for a testicular implant may be caused by various reasons. The genitals may have been removed in relation to cancer treatment, trauma or other medical indications.

Prosthetic testicles may be a solution for children who have an undescended testicle or torsion. In this case an operation is made to remove the testicle from its faulty location and place a prosthesis in the scrotum. As the child grows, the testicle needs to be changed to a larger one.

It is also possible to exchange a small and less functional testicle with larger implants.

The incision is made in the scrotum or groin and a special pocket for the implant is then created. Once the implant is placed in the scrotum, the wound is closed with sutures.

We have a large variety of testicular implants to choose from. They have an oval shape, smooth surface and are filled with cohesive gel which eliminates the risk of leakage.