gastric band adjustment 

Gastric band placement is a surgery after which the patient is left under the surgeon’s or clinic’s guidance for the next 2-4 years. The main reason for this is the need to adjust the gastric band.

To adjust the throughput of the band, saline solution is injected into the band’s access port with a needle. Saline moves from the access port through a thin tube to the band and inflates or deflates the inner surface of the band.

The need to adjust the gastric band may occur more frequently during the first 6-12 months after the surgery, as several adjustments might be needed to achieve the right comfort level. The first adjustment takes place around 6 weeks after the surgery and the follow-ups depend on the adaptability of the body.

A gastric band which is too tight may bring about vomiting, discomfort and unpleasant breath odor. To find the optimal pressure, it is essential that the patient gives sufficient and correct feedback about his or her diet. Also alcohol should be avoided.

The gastric band can be adjusted also later. In case of a serious disease or pregnancy, the band can be deflated to meet the needs of the new diet.

The procedure is simple and painless and lasts for about 20 minutes.