A lip lift or upper lip lifting is a procedure aimed at decreasing the distance between the upper lip and the nose, shaping the lips, and then making them more firm and plump.

Patients with a thin upper lip often come to the clinic to plump their lips with fillers. It is not always possible, however, especially when the distance between the upper lip and the nose is long and the upper lip fully covers the teeth while speaking. To achieve aesthetically beautiful results, the lip lift method is used globally on patients with a low upper lip line. In addition, a lip lift changes the lip shape permanently.


  • The upper lip is lifted, creating a beautifully positioned smile and a plumper shape.
  • Upper teeth can be seen more readily when the patient speaks and smiles.
  • The results are permanent.

Procedure at Christina’s Clinic

During the procedure, a small incision is made beneath the nose. Since the incision is small, it won’t be noticeable after the procedure. Then, excess tissue is removed from between the nose and the rim of the upper lip and the whole upper lip area is lifted 2–4 mm (depending on the need). If necessary and desired, lips can be further shaped with fillers after the procedure.