All surgeries carry some risks. The main risks concern bruises, inflammation and scar formation as well as problems appearing during anaesthesia. Furthermore, complications are affected by the organism’s individual reaction and the nature of the surgery. At a clinic with high standards and a professional team, the complications are very rare.

  •  Haematoma – Bruises can appear during or right after the surgery. They form in the operated area or close to the wound. Smaller haematoma dissolve in the organism by themselves. Larger ones need to be removed surgically.
  •  Inflammation – Inflammation is an organism’s normal reaction in the healing area. To keep it under control, the patient is prescribed a course of antibiotics.
  •  Scar formation – A scar is always formed in the operated area, but its genesis varies in organisms. To avoid or stop the proliferation of the scar tissue, certain preparations and operations are possible. Information about wound care can be found here.
  •  Numbness of skin and other tissues – Numbness can appear in the operated area after the surgery. Usually it passes in 6 to 9 months. Only in case of larger breast surgeries the numbness can be permanent.
  •  Rejection – An organism may have a defensive reaction if a foreign substance is inserted into the body. Based on individual peculiarities it may very rarely (0.002% probability) cause the rejection of the foreign body. In this case the clinic needs to be contacted to get the reaction under control with proper pharmaceutical treatment.

Any further questions will be answered during the consultation or via phone or email.