Age-related changes, sun damage, pregnancy, significant weight fluctuations and genetic factors can contribute to a decrease in skin elasticity, which can result in sagging skin in the abdomen and buttocks.

The body lift surgery changes the shape of the torso and improves tonicity, which has a positive effect on the skin and subcutaneous fat tissue. During the surgery, excess skin in the abdomen and buttocks is removed. Incisions are made along the lower abdomen and buttocks, which allows for a lift in the abdomen, groin, waist, and buttocks in a single procedure. The scars from the surgery will be located in the bikini area. The body lift procedure is not intended to remove excess fat tissue. In cases where the elasticity of the skin is significantly reduced or there is a significant excess of adipose tissue, body lift surgery is recommended to be performed together with liposuction.

Body lift surgery is suitable:

  • Patients with noticeable sagging of soft tissues in one or several areas.
  • Healthy patients without diseases that impair recovery or increase the risk of surgery.
  • Patients with a positive prognosis for surgical intervention, the prospect of maintaining the result and a realistic understanding of what result the body lift procedure will achieve.
  • Non-smokers.

The results of body lift surgery become noticeable almost immediately, but achieving the final result can take up to two years. The result is lasting, provided you maintain a stable weight and general physical shape.
During post-surgery recovery, tissue support and scar area support is important, but scars should not be subject to constant friction. The patient receives detailed instructions at the clinic.