Mentoplasty or chin augmentation is a surgery that helps correct the size, shape and protrusion of the chin using an implant.

The surgery makes is possible to:

  • bring out the jawline from neck
  • give more natural proportions to the face
  • balance an overly large nose

Surgery at Christina’s Clinic

During the chin augmentation surgery, either a 2 cm incision is made inside the mouth under the lower lip, or a 3-4 cm incision is made under the chin, depending on the model, size and the placement possibilities of the implant. In any case, the scars will not be visible. After the incision, the surgeon places the implant into a small pocket created especially for the prosthesis. Finally, the wound is closed with sutures.

During the consultation, we shall choose, together with you, the best suitable implants according to their size and shape.