penis lengthening, phalloplasty 

Penile lengthening is a surgery that helps lengthen the penis 3 to 5 cm.

About one third of the man’s penis is inside the body and not visible to the eye. The penis can be stretched at the expense of this part. The gained length is individual and depends on several conditions:

  • larger penises generally have larger parts hidden inside the body that can be exteriorized.
  • if the groin area has excess fat tissue, it can partly overshadow the penis. In this case penile lengthening is advised to be performed together with liposuction of suprapubic fat tissue to make the penis appear longer.
  • a special penis stretching device should be used after the surgery to gain the best results.

Surgery at Christinas Clinic

The incision is made horizontally in the groin area and is left hidden in the pubic hair. Then part of he suspensory ligament at the base of the penis is cut and the penis is brought outward. As the ligament gives support to the penis the surgery might cause some loss in the erection angle. The extended part is covered with skin from the surrounding area.

Penile lengthening is often performed together with penis girth enhancement surgery, but they are not done simultaneously. We require at least 3 months in between the two surgeries.

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