Rhinoplasty is a surgery that helps to correct and shape the nose. Compared to other surgeries, rhinoplasty demands greater dexterity and creativity from the surgeon, which is why it  should be carried out by the best specialists in the field.

Rhinoplasty is appropriate for patients who wish to:

  • change the shape and size of the nose’s bridge, nasal tip and nostrils
  • change the angle between the nose and upper lip
  • correct post-traumatic nose defects
  • modify the structure of the nose
  • correct nasal birth defects
  • straighten the nose

Surgery at Christinas Clinic

Christinas Clinic performs rhinoplasty using either the closed or open method.

1) Closed method

Closed method involves incisions inside the nostrils to later hide the scars. Then subcutaneous tissues are opened to expose the cartilage and bone for remodeling.

Closed method has the advantage of small trauma and quick healing, but it also results in smaller changes.

It is appropriate for a patient whose nose needs little or moderate correction.

2) Open method

Open method is a more invasive technique which involves incisions inside the nostrils and across the columella. The scar will remain barely noticeable. This method offers better access to the structures of the nose and allows greater changes.

Open method is suggested to patients who wish to remove the hump of the nose bridge, shorten the nose, correct the nasal tip or remodel the cartilage or bone.

The right method for You will be chosen during the consultation.

Christinas Clinic is the only clinic in Estonia that offers simulations of post-surgery results. During Your consultation with our specially trained surgical assistant, a simulation of possible surgery results will be created based on a photo taken. PS! The simulation can’t be performed with a beard.

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