labial reduction

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure for altering the shape and size of the outer or inner labia.

The undesired shape of the labia is usually congenital or caused by a trauma or weight loss. For many women, this causes embarrassment and low self-esteem in building close relationships. In addition to the psychological reasons, labia that are too large or too long can cause other functional issues as well. The most common of these are:

  • problems during intercourse (feeling of discomfort, pain, irritation, tearing sensation);
  • problems during physical activities (feeling of discomfort, pain, irritation, tearing sensation);
  • problems wearing certain types of clothing, skimpy underwear or bikinis;
  • hygiene issues;
  • a multi-directional urine stream.

This area has great blood supply and lots of nerve endings that are also involved in achieving sexual arousal. Since the elasticity of the treated tissue decreases after the surgery, and this in turn, can cause problems during childbirth, corrective surgery is only recommended for women who already have given birth to the desired number of children.

Surgery at Christinas Clinic

At Christinas Clinic, both the inner and outer labia can be reshaped during labiaplasty. For this, the undesired part of the labia is removed with a scalpel and the wound is closed with sutures.

The labiaplasty surgery is safe, few complications are encountered, and the recovery period is relatively fast.

It is important to have the surgery immediately after menstruation so that the wounds can heal before the next cycle.

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