360 degree liposuction

360 Degree Liposuction at Christinas Clinic

Procedure that gives a so-called double effect.
Kaisa Viljar
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Let’s meet the team: botulinum toxin injections are administered by Kaisa Viljar, MD

Botulinum toxin injections, lipolysis procedure for the face, and minor surgical procedures.
silmalaugude operatsioon

Eyelid surgery: excess skin cannot disappear on its own 

A patient’s experience: what to do in case of droopy eyelids?
rindade suurendamine

Martin’s story: breast reduction for men

Patient story about male breast reduction.
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Can light make you happier?

Light therapy impacts brain chemistry by reducing fatigue.
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A year after the operation: gastric band

How does the gastric band help to stay on track?

Intimate Cosmetic Surgery for Women

Intimate Surgery for Intimate Concerns.
Интимная хирургия для мужчин

Implant Sizes and Placement Options

Whereas the most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S. is liposuction and in Iran is rhinoplasty, the biggest demand in Estonia is for breast surgeries. The fact that Estonian ladies are wanting in the size of their breasts isn’t necessarily bad news. The techniques and materials for breast augmentation have greatly improved and making the right choices can bring attractive results.

Which Implant is a Good Implant?

Two keywords that crop up when talking about implants nowadays are safe and natural. These characteristics depend on the implant’s surface, gel and shape.

How to Care For Your Breasts

No matter how beautiful a woman’s breasts are, without proper support they’ll fall noticeably within 5-10 years. The heavier the breast, the more support a bra needs to have.
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Don’t Forget Your Proportions

"100-100-100. Madam, where should we put the waist?” is a joke told about a tailor but it’s fitting to cosmetic surgery as well. Nice proportions are the goal for our work at the clinic.
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Aesthetic Surgery – A Growing Trend Among Men

Between the years 2010 and 2013, the number of male patients at Cristinas Clinic has tripled. In line with men’s growing interest in their own health has been a desire to care for one’s appearance.
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Anne & Stiil: Beauty That Lasts

When cosmetics just aren’t enough for those wrinkles any more, many women turn to injections. Instead of starting by filling in one wrinkle, Brit-Carmen Norlan, Manager of Christinas Clinic, recommends a full assessment and treatment plan for the face. This gives a better overview of the techniques that may give better results in the long run.
aesthetic surgery

You can’t avoid your nose

As time passes, your nose stretches and grows bigger and bigger visually.

Facial threads and facelift for muscle support and skin tightening

Weak facial muscles may not necessitate call for a facelift. A suitable intermediate option is the addition of surgical threads, which enhance the facial muscles and subcutaneous tissues. Facelift should be considered only when excess skin appears.
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Sagging facial skin - Which procedure is right for me?

Some beauty procedures are so similar in nature and process that it becomes difficult to decide which is suitable for the individual patient’s face. Two procedures which both aim to fill sagging skin are injectable gels and fat transfer. This article aims to distinguish this process, and help you determine which is best for you.

Don't Be Afraid of Botox

Botox is probably one of the most misunderstood beauty procedures. The media portrays Botox as a substance used to get plump lips or doll-like cheeks. This is a common misrepresentation of the chemical.

Changes in My Body

During the past 23 years, Christinas Clinic has served more than 19,000 patients. This experience has allowed us to notice larger scale changes in the patients' physiological appearances and learn how long term habits and lifestyle have helped to formed them. In scientific terms, an observation so comprehensive in scale and length is called a longitude study.

Motiva Implant Stores Product Information Electronically

Modern implants are meant to stay inside the breast for a lifetime. The prosthesis information along with the warranty should be kept for the same length of time, yet the papers are prone to getting lost. To prevent this problem, Motiva has attached an electronic passport to the implants.

Motiva implants mark the new era

Christinas Clinic has widened the choice of implants with innovative Motiva products.
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New Liposuction Device Eva SP6 Now in Christinas Clinic!

New Liposuction device Eva SP6 now in Christinas Clinic! A brand new and innovative Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction (N.I.L) system by Euromi (Belgium) is now completing our up to date equipment. The system is certified by CE and FDA.

Weekend Facelift

Weekend facelift Today's pace of life requires equally prompt surgical solutions. Patients of aesthetic surgery simply cannot afford long recovery periods. This also explains the growing trend at Christinas Clinic to place facial threads.