Abdominoplasty is a surgery during which excess fat and skin are surgically removed and muscles are tightened.

Surgical treatment to abdomen is a solution for patients who are not able to achieve a beautiful figure with proper training and dieting.

This condition is mainly caused my:

  • pregnancy
  • aging
  • fast weight gain or loss
  • previous surgeries
  • genetics

Surgery is meant mainly for patients who:

  • do not wish to get pregnant any more
  • live a healthy lifestyle
  • have their desired weight

Tummy tuck is not a replacement for training and healthy eating habits. It also cannot be used for removing stretch marks from the upper abdomen.

Abdominoplasty at Christinas Clinic

Two types of surgeries are performed at our clinic.

1) Mini tummy tuck

Mini tummy tuck is restricted to the lower abdomen and the location of the navel is left intact. The incision is made horizontally above the pubic hairline and the scar will stay covered by undergarments. Fat tissue and excess skin is removed and the wound closed with sutures. To achieve better results, mini tummy tuck is often performed along with liposuction.

2) Full tummy tuck

The incision of full tummy tuck is made horizontally along the abdominal line above the pubic hairline up to the hip bones. Fat tissue and excess skin are removed. Then a circular incision is made around the navel and the navel is repositioned higher. If necessary, temporary drainage tubes are left in the body after the operation to help drain wound fluids. They are removed before leaving the hospital. The scars of the surgery are rather long, but will become lighter and softer over time. To achieve better results, full tummy tuck is often performed along with liposuction and diastasis recti repair.

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