The trend in Estonia and elsewhere around the world is to combine various technologies, procedures and drugs into one treatment course, to improve skin quality and eliminate skin problems.

A combined procedure allows:

  • eliminating signs of aging
  • treating skin problems, incl. acne
  • restoring skin tissue
  • renewing skin cells
  • removing pigment spots, even in patients with darker skin.

The procedure at Christinas Clinic

During the procedure, controlled cuts of a certain length called fractional tunnels are made using water absorbent laser beams. Since these “tunnels” are open for 48 hours, during this time it is possible to introduce specially formulated drugs with proteins that the skin contains (such as collagen or elastin), biopeptides or other special ingredients, which start resolving skin problems from deep within and, in this way, also improve skin quality.

In addition, in order to restore skin tissue, renew skin cells and normalise the epidermis, at Christinas Clinic cold lasers are used, as well as various follow-up care products, droppers, etc., which are meant for use after procedures and operations to nourish and moisturise skin.