Diastasis recti is a condition where the abdominal muscles are separated and connective tissue between them is missing or has torn.
It is very common among pregnant women, women who have recently given birth and newborns. It can also be caused by weight loss.

Main complaints of people with diastasis recti:

  • After the antenatal recovery, the stomach is still soft and flabby
  • When drawing in the gut the stomach still sticks out
  • While lying on their back and flexing the abdominal muscles the muscle separation can be felt
  • Reoccurring backpain

We recommend that surgery is performed before the next pregnancy, as with each pregnancy the symptoms worsen.

Surgery at Christinas Clinic

1) The incision is made horisontally along the stomach above the bikini line which means that the scar will be covered by underwear.
If the patient doesn’t have any excess skin or fatty tissue then a small incision of about 10-15cm is enough. This will give access to the separated muscles and allows them to be sewn together.
2) If the patient has excess skin then we recommend combining diastasis recti surgery with abdominoplasty. The mini tummy tuck is restricted to the lower abdomen and the location of the navel is left intact. The full tummy tuck affects the whole abdominal area. Fat tissue and excess skin is removed. A circular incision is also made around the navel and the navel is repositioned higher. The scars of the surgery are rather long, but will become lighter and softer over time.