Undertaking breast surgery is a decision with lifelong results. Christinas Clinic’s goal is to satisfy You not only today, but also in the time to come. For ideal results, we only operate with up to date materials and techniques and hold ourselves to the highest standard.

Choice of implants

Christinas Clinic uses the products of Motiva and Mentor, which are currently the most innovative and perfected implants in the world.

Our finest selection of implants consists of approximately 600 different products. We offer a variety of round and anatomically (tear drop) shaped implants filled with cohesive gel. Due to the thick consistency of the implants, they do not leak, even if the shell breaks.

Our implants come with a lifetime replacement warranty in the rare case of shell rupture. With our choice of implants a need for revision surgery is highly unlikely. Each producer has their own conditions in case of capsular contracture, which can be further studied during the consultation.

During the consultation with our specially-trained surgical assistant, a choice of suitable implants is chosen for You.

Having our overseas patients in mind, we offer Skype consultations and a possibility to create the simulation online before the consultation.