arm lift, brachioplasty

Arm lift is a surgical procedure which reshapes the upper arm.

Arms lose their shape with weight gain and loss as well as aging. Muscle tone can be improved with training, but it is difficult to change skin elasticity or reduce local fat deposits from the area with a healthy lifestyle.

Brachioplasty is an opportunity for patients who have excess and drooping skin in the area between underarm and elbow. The patient should not be overweight or have considerate weight fluctuations.

Surgery at Christinas Clinic

The size and shape of the incisions of the surgery are individual, depending on the patient’s needs. In the simplest case the incision is made in the underarm. In the case of tightening larger areas, the incision may run from the elbow to the underarm along the inner or outer parts of the arm. Then soft tissues and skin are tightened, excess skin is removed and the wound is closed with sutures.

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