Bariatric surgery helps to lower weight of obese patients. Weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach, which produces a sense of fullness even when eating small portions of food.

At Christinas Clinic two different surgeries are performed:

  • gastric banding, which leaves an inflatable silicone device around the stomach
  • gastric bypass, in which case food is diverted past a large part of the stomach

Each method has its pros and cons and the suitable one for You is chosen with the help of the surgeon.

Bariatric surgery at Christinas Clinic is performed by dr Ants Viiklepp.

Surgical methods offer fast and effective weight loss solutions only if the patient follows a healthy lifestyle after the surgery. A varied diet is needed to receive vitamins and minerals. Eating fat food or sweets may not help to lower weight even if the overall consumption of food has reduced. It is therefore necessary that the patient follows the doctor’s as well as a nutritional expert’s advice after the surgery.