Nasal polypectomy or nasal polyp removal is an operation performed to remove polyps in the nasal passages/sinuses.

Nasal polyps are nasal mucosa growths which main symptoms are nasal congestion and loss of the sense of smell. There may also be a feeling of heaviness in the area of the cheeks, runny nose, pain in the upper teeth, snoring and headaches.

When to turn to a doctor?

We recommend that you seek medical advice if the symptoms persist for more than 10 days. Symptoms of chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps are similar to many other diseases, such as colds.

The operation in Christinas Clinic:

Nasal polyp removal is performed in general anaesthesia by ENT surgeon Dr. Vidmantas Pranevicius. The price is a full package price and it includes all follow-up visits.